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Hemingway & Sun Valley

In the 1920s and 30s Ernest Hemingway built himself into a legend. He was a big game hunter, Parisian, skier, and author, yet every piece of that legend was soon duplicated in the destination resort of Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley not only had real imported Austrian ski instructors and a Tyrolean chalet from a movie set, but had a live rodeo and cowboy hunting guides. Sun Valley is also famous for another reason. It is the place where Hemingway killed himself.

In Hemingway and Sun Valley, Moore explores a unique story of life imitating art. Hemingway and Sun Valley narrates the birth and growth of the Hemingway legend and shows how what Hemingway built with the power of his imagination eventually came to life as a destination resort that he both lived and died in.

Not Just A Number

Not Just A Number is a fascinating-and important-read that highlights the dangers America's working men and women face from industrial pollutants. It's also a compelling personal story about a young girl who left Communist Poland, embraced the opportunities of America and, against the odds, successfully fought for justice when tragedy struck at the heart of her family.

 Praise for Not Just a Number and Dorota Nigro

"Any successful legal formula possesses intelligence plus dogged hard work, but when the 'Dorota factor' gets added best advise all opposition to run for cover.  Diesel fumes kill, but Dorota’s love for her late husband, Anthony, combined with her leadership beat the fumes. You did it!”

John C. Dearie

New York State Assemblyman (1973-1992)



Wildey’s Here


Wildey’s Here recounts Wildey’s colorful years working in the gun business as a gunsmith, re-loader, wildcatter, salesman, trap shooter, inventor, entrepreneur, gun dealer, firearm advisor for Hollywood, and finally survivor and faithful Christian. The book also charts the changes Wildey saw regarding how Americans bought and sold guns, and how guns were designed, built, and marketed, at a time when America began to decline. 


"To be called iconic means you have big boots to fill. Wildey Moore's 'Survivor' semi-auto in .45 Winchester Magnum and other calibers not only overflows those boots, but showcases the brilliant mind of its designer — Wildey Moore. From the movies to the hunting fields, the Survivor series of brawny pistols continues to impress and astound those who see it. Words like 'ultimate' are bandied about all the time, but in this case, Wildey Moore's Survivor truly is the ultimate semi-auto, putting a bold period at the end of any sentence about the biggest, most powerful handgun around!"




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Wildey showing the Survivor Pistol on set of Death Wish II to Charles Bronson.