Chris Moore


Terror is domestic

Joanne and Charles met in a frenzy of violence and drugs in 1973.  That day students, hippies, and bikers descended on the town of Breckenridge, Colorado for an incident that would change the country. The secrets of that night helped seed the founding of a well-funded and intensely anti-American and anti-Christian pop religion.

The People’s Group, as they became known, harbored deep and hateful mysteries that Charles would bring to light only as he struggled to protect his daughter Sarah from the movement that consumed his wife and so many other Americans.  
But would he be too late?  


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Hemingway & Sun Valley

In the 1920s and 30s Ernest Hemingway built himself into a legend. He was a big game hunter, Parisian, skier, and author, yet every piece of that legend was soon duplicated in the destination resort of Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley not only had real imported Austrian ski instructors and a Tyrolean chalet from a movie set, but had a live rodeo and cowboy hunting guides. Sun Valley is also famous for another reason. It is the place where Hemingway killed himself.

In Hemingway and Sun Valley, Moore explores a unique story of life imitating art. Hemingway and Sun Valley narrates the birth and growth of the Hemingway legend and shows how what Hemingway built with the power of his imagination eventually came to life as a destination resort that he both lived and died in.

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Moore worked construction sites on the East Coast and in the Rocky Mountains while writing novels until he was accepted into Columbia University. A rejection of the anti-American and anti-Christian ethos he encountered while in the ivory tower informs his fiction. He has been called both highly readable and informative and his collaboration with Dorota Nigro on the book Not Just a Number was a finalist for the Indy Book Awards, 2018.

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