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TOTEM: the invention of fire ($3.99) is the first in a three part series: TOTEM TRIAD. The second part is titled TOTEM: migration.

Without clearly giving away the finale of the invention of fire, migration follows the Astarte tribe as they escape their drought starved village and forest to  find a more habitable homeland. They travel out across the great savannah, but nothing is more vulnerable than a homeless people, and the Astarte find themselves beset by misfortune and death from the start.  The pack of wild painted canines that used to feast on the dead corpses of sacrificed Gatherers are starving and set upon the hapless Astarte in the night.

In TOTEM: migration Pyramie must lead his tribe to unknown safety through a gauntlet of animal attacks and violent encounters with hostile peoples, but he first has to navigate they horrible tangle of fear and violence that haunts his own tribal structure. If they survive at all, the Astarte first must develop a cohesion and transcend their brutal and blood thirsty tendencies.

The serialization TOTEM: migration will begin three months after the invention of fire finishes. As with the invention of fire, I will post one new chapter per week. I hope to hear your feedback. When I have finished writing all the chapters, I will then edit them into a novel.

I hope to keep your attention.