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American construction worker turned Ivy League graduate exposes the anti-family roots of domestic terrorism in explosive new thriller UponUS.

Author of UponUs tells your audience:

How a construction worker and high school drop was admitted to Columbia University, graduating Cum Laude.

How he began writing for a living and going around the mainstream press

UponUS condenses the demonic rage of the counterculture into a narrative linking back to the Summer of Love.

While Woodstock is still celebrated, people forget the mayhem of Altamont, the murders of the Manson Cult, and the terror of the Weathermen, a vision of today.

They used to go to San Fran with a flower in their hair but it rapidly turned into sex crimes, Speed Kills, and the Manson family; these sins have combined to eat at the heart of the family.


UponUS: a thriller whose antagonist infects herself with small pox and flies across country to reunite with her conservative ex-husband, whom she despises for being a man and an American. She is part of a larger conspiracy run by a neo-religion to bring America crashing down.

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Moore worked construction sites on the East Coast and in the Rocky Mountains while writing novels until he was accepted into Columbia University at the age of 27. His rejection of the anti-American and anti-Christian ethos he encountered while in the ivory tower informs his fiction. He has been called both highly readable and informative and his collaboration with Dorota Nigro on the book Not Just a Number was a finalist for the Indy Book Awards, 2018, and has opened the way to exposing the damage diesel fumes have caused.

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